Fairfax County

Fairfax County Log Home Construction and Repair

Over the past 13 years, Country Mountain Homes has become the trusted visionary of all log cabin properties throughout Fairfax County. But while it might be our professionalism that sets us apart from competitors, it is our spirit that delivers you and your family a home to remember.

Offering full-scale construction, repair and renovations, Country Mountain Homes has set the standard for preserving the lovely architecture this country was founded upon. If you come here in search of a new property, it is best to keep in mind that we’re always looking for novel ideas. In that way, we will never deliver our clients the same design nor compromise the originality of a home.

During the first stage of the design process, you will work intimately with one of our architectural consultants. This is the time where you can mention all of the small details that go into making your log cabin a comfortable home. Ultimately, Country Mountain Homes is here to ensure your lifelong dream becomes a reality. Contact us or iust give us a call at your next convenience, because we’re ready and willing whenever you are.