Roanoke County

Roanoke County Log Home Construction and Repair

For many, log cabin homes are the product of a lifelong dream. They exemplify a childhood memory or mountain safe haven. We think this is because individuals can see their humble beauty and grace. Log cabins do not ask for overt attention. Instead, they stand as timber marvels, enriching Roanoke County for miles.

Let us welcome you to Country Mountain Homes. As the most refined architect of log cabin properties, we’re proud to say that it’s your vision that comes first every time. Have you always dreamed of that wooden archway above the door? Or are you more of the wooden patio type? No matter the kind of space, Country Mountain Homes promises to get your specifications right above all else.

We believe in our Roanoke residents. That’s because, time after time, they’ve shown our beautiful log cabins the local support they need. These are original structures that must remain protected and preserved. This is, also, why Country Mountain Homes remains the #1 source for all modern log cabin construction, repair and renovation.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a consultation, please contact Country Mountain Homes today! We’ll try our best to respond as soon as possible.